Up to 20 Lbs                         $149.00
   21 - 45 Lbs                            $199.00
   46 - 70 Lbs                            $229.00
   71 - 100 Lbs                          $269.00
   101 - 130 Lbs                        $299.00
   131 - 175 Lbs                        $369.00
Pick-up & Delivery
Best Friend Pet Bereavement will arrange the pick-up, removal and delivery of your
beloved pet within the Tri-State area. (A nominal fee based upon the distance of your pet
may be accessed)

Call us at any time, 24 hours a day, should you require our services and we will promptly
respond to your needs and the needs of your beloved pet.

We offer quality, and caring cremation solutions for your best friend. We pride ourselves
in delivering  an unmatched level service, respect and care when it comes to talking care
of the final arrangements of your dog or cat.

Our Cremation Fees:
Through pre-need planning, we give pet owners the benefit of pre-planning their pet's
after-life care, allowing time to properly select the needs and services with peace of

Our professional staff can assist in explaining the options to ensure your final good-bye
is handled in a loving and appropriate manner.
Pre-Need Assurance Program
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